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Hajj 2018 (1436 AH)

C: Hotel accommodation in Makkah and Medina

D: Munna and Arafat – VIP Special Tent B/ C

E: Transportation to Munna and Arafat and back to Mecca

F: Siyara in Makkah and Medina

G: Local transportation between Makkah and Medina

H: Local transportation from Jeddah international airport to the hotels

I:  Local transportation from Makkah to Jeddah for return hajj

J:  Spiritual Guidance

K: Hiram Dress for men, Hijab for women, Ankara dress for all pilgrims

L: Al-Jawal (sawa) telephone SIM card for all pilgrims

M: Medical Team

Time – September 12th  – Sept 27, 2018